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Adrenal Cocktail Recipe: Examining The Benefits And Risks!

By David Mercer

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Have you ever felt tired and fatigued, even after a sound sleep? Or have you experienced inexplicable episodes of insomnia? These symptoms are often linked to the vague theory of adrenal fatigue.

To enhance adrenal functions and relieve these enduring conditions, naturopathic specialists often recommend the use of adrenal cocktails. But what really are the adrenal glands and the benefits of adrenal cocktails? Let’s dive deep into this topic and discuss more adrenal cocktails, their benefits, risks, and recipes. 

Key takeaways:

The Adrenal Cocktail recipe is a popular remedy believed to support adrenal health and combat fatigue.
This recipe typically consists of a blend of freshly squeezed orange juice, cream of tartar (potassium bicarbonate), and high-quality sea salt.
Along with supporting adrenal health, it promotes electrolyte balance and hydration. A notable risk associated with this is the sugar content.

What Are Adrenal Glands?

The small, triangular-shaped organs on top of your kidneys are called adrenal glands. They are divided into two parts: the cortex and the medulla. They secrete hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol. These hormones regulate the blood pressure, metabolism, immune system, and stress response of the body. Adrenal glands also produce body odor and pubic hair and promote:

Adrenal Glands
  • Appropriate functioning of the heart and blood vessels
  • Healthy distribution of stored fat
  • Stress handling capacity
  • Proper utilization of fats and carbohydrates
  • Gastrointestinal functions 

Adrenal Cocktail Recipe

The major components of most of the adrenal cocktails include:

  • ½ cup orange juice
  • ½ cup coconut water
  • A pinch of sea salt

Mostly, these 3 ingredients are added to a blender and mixed until smooth. It is important to drink the cocktail immediately after its preparation.  

Benefits Of Drinking Adrenal Cocktail

The adrenal cocktail is a nonalcoholic drink that boosts the adrenal gland. It mainly consists of orange juice, coconut water, and sea salt. Some recipes also include collagen powder, ginger, coconut cream, and cream of tartar.  

Some advocates of adrenal cocktails claim that they can help “balance” hormones like cortisol and give you a boost of energy. It is said that this mix can nourish the adrenal gland and provide the nutrients required to cure adrenal fatigue. These drinks are frequently suggested to those who are experiencing significant levels of stress or symptoms such as excessive weariness and insomnia.

 Benefits Of Drinking Adrenal Cocktail

There is no proof that adrenal cocktails are necessary or beneficial for the health of the adrenal glands, although a few of their constituents have certain health benefits. The major contributors of the mentioned benefits are the orange juice and the coconut water. 

Orange juice

All citrus fruits, including oranges, are a major source of vitamin C. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that plays a vital role in the proper functioning of the immune system and protects the body from diseases.

It also helps to make collagen, a protein that aids in the healing of wounds, boosts the immune system, and improves iron absorption from foods. Orange juice contains vitamin A, folate, potassium, and antioxidants like beta-cryptoxanthin.  The WebMD outlines a comprehensive list of benefits associated with oranges.

Coconut water

The major components of coconut water are electrolytes such as potassium, sodium, phosphorus, and magnesium. The tender coconut water also contains anti-inflammatory properties and hydrating properties.

Regardless of a lack of evidence of specific health benefits, coconut water has fewer calories and added sugar when compared to sodas and other sugary beverages. 

Risks Associated With Adrenal Cocktail

One of the major risks of the adrenal cocktail is its sugar content. As orange juice contains natural sugar, a person with diabetes is advised to consult a doctor before consuming it. Sea salt and cream of tartar are the other components that may contain risk elements. 

  • Sea Salt

Consuming salt can affect blood pressure levels. A large portion of the American population consumes a diet heavy on salt according to NCBI. However, this may negatively impact people with hypertension. The additional salt content in the adrenal cocktail may not benefit people with high blood pressure. 

  • Cream of tartar

Cream of tartar, which is included in some of the adrenal cocktail recipes, is rich in potassium. Consuming high amounts of cream of tartar in a single drink can result in a potential rise in potassium levels in the body.  

Who Can Benefit From Adrenal Cocktails?

People with adrenal fatigue are generally advised to use an adrenal cocktail. People who experience symptoms such as extreme fatigue, cold intolerance, weight gain, and insomnia should consult a professional healthcare provider, as these are the most common symptoms of adrenal fatigue.

Using adrenal cocktails or supplements without proper medical guidance can cause severe problems. Although adrenal cocktails are not harmful for most people, they are not necessary for health. 

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Adrenal cocktail is a drink mainly composed of orange juice, coconut water, and sea salt. Although adrenal fatigue is not recognized as a medical condition by conventional doctors, people generally promote the use of an adrenal cocktail for fatigue and the nourishment of the adrenal glands.

However, it is important to consult a doctor if you experience insomnia, fatigue, weight gain, or cravings for salty food. The consumption of adrenal cocktails without medical guidance can cause adverse effects. 


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