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7 Causes Of Skin Peeling Inside The Mouth! How To Prevent This?

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Are you someone who is grappling with the issue of skin peeling inside the mouth? If yes, have you ever wondered how it is caused and what can be done to cope with it? 

Skin peeling inside the mouth is a very normal condition and is usually not that complicated. In most cases, it heals on itself and does not require any special treatments. The skin inside our mouth is called oral mucosa and it is the protective covering that prevents bacteria and pathogens from entering the bloodstream. If this layer is damaged, the immune system will be affected and it can also cause various oral health issues. 

This article aims to shed light on 7 causes of skin peeling inside the mouth, empowering you with the knowledge to seek proper treatment and alleviate any discomfort or complications.

Key takeaways:

The presence of skin peeling inside the mouth may signal underlying issues and warrant attention.
Some of the main causes of this peeling are autoimmune diseases, allergic reactions, lifestyle factors, vitamin deficiencies, infections, oral ulcers, etc.
Regularly brushing and flossing, staying hydrated, and adopting a balanced diet rich in essential vitamins and minerals can go a long way in preventing these and promoting oral well-being.

Major Causes Of Skin Peeling Inside The Mouth

Skin peeling inside the mouth can happen for many reasons. This includes:

Causes Of Skin Peeling Inside The Mouth

1. Autoimmune diseases

Skin peeling inside the mouth can be at times a sign of autoimmune diseases. The main reason for this issue is still unknown but it is believed that certain microorganisms can confuse the body’s natural defense mechanisms. This way our body fails to identify the foreign cells. This results in various conditions like fatigue, inflamed glands, skin peeling inside the mouth, and so on. 

2. Allergic reactions

Allergies to certain foods, medicines, and oral care products can result in skin peeling. The major thing to consider is acidic foods as they can irritate the mucosal lining and peel off the skin, causing rashes and inflammations. 

3. Lifestyle factors

Dry mouth is often a top cause of skin peeling inside the mouth. This is caused by factors like the use of certain medications, aging, and other medical conditions. Extreme weather conditions can also be a contributing factor to peeling off the skin inside the mouth. Habits like smoking and vaping can be irritating and can cause the mucosal layer to peel off. The heat and smoke can worsen the condition and can also damage the mucosal layer. 

4. Vitamin deficiencies

Oral mucosal peeling can be brought as a result of lack of nutrition. When certain vitamins and nutrients are deficient in the body, it results in the weakening of the body. With this, the healing capacity of the skin is also reduced. This can bring out certain abnormalities in the body like peeling of the skin inside the mouth. 

5. Other sources of irritants

One common irritant that almost everyone uses daily is the SLS that is contained inside the toothpaste and mouthwash. SLS is sodium lauryl sulfate and this helps make the toothpaste foam. Though this ingredient is safe, it can cause irritations inside your mouth resulting in skin peeling. It can rip off the protective layering of your mouth and cause peeling.

Over intake of hot foods and beverages and whitening of your teeth at home, all involve heat and can cause burns inside the mouth. Also, skin care products, lip balms, and other cosmetics relating to the mouth or around the mouth can contain allergens that can cause peeling of the skin. 

6. Infections

Bacterial and fungal infections like thrush inside the mouth can also lead to skin peeling. This is usually associated with redness, swelling, inflammation, and pain inside the mouth. 

7. Oral ulcers

Skin peeling inside the mouth can also happen due to an underlying health issue. This is commonly seen as oral ulcers. But not all ulcers are serious. Some can be caused by stress and hormonal changes too. 

Now that some of the common causes of skin peeling are known, let us see what are the ways through which one can deal with this issue. 

Preventive Tips To Deal With Skin Peeling Inside The Mouth

The first and foremost thing is to identify the type of skin peeling and to treat it accordingly. Following are some of the methods that you can follow to deal with this issue. 

  • Proper hydration

Since skin peeling happens due to lack of hydration, you must keep yourself hydrated and ensure to drink plenty of water. 

  • Oral hygiene

Maintaining oral hygiene can help a lot as skin peeling can be caused by bacterial and fungal infections. Make sure that you brush and floss thoroughly and properly to avoid such infections. 

  • Avoid certain foods

To avoid skin peeling stay away from hot, spicy, and food items that are more towards the acidic side. This can irritate the mucosal lining and cause peeling. 

  • Avoid irritants

Choose to stay away from toothpaste and mouthwashes that contain components like sodium lauryl sulfate. 

  • Avoid the use of tobacco

Try to avoid smoking and vaping as the heat and smoke involved can cause the skin to peel. By avoiding this, the inflammation inside the mouth is reduced. 

  • Balanced diet 

Try to incorporate a healthy and balanced diet with the necessary nutrients, minerals, and vitamins to avoid malnutrition. 

These are some of the common ways to put control over this issue. But if the condition persists even after following all these, it is necessarily advised to seek medical help. So seek medical attention in case you experience pain and discomfort from this issue. Also, if the issue continues it might be a warning sign. 

Concluding Lines

Skin peeling inside the mouth can be a concerning symptom with various potential causes. By understanding the 7 causes of skin peeling inside the mouth outlined in this article, you can better identify the underlying issue and seek appropriate treatment.

Maintaining good oral hygiene and overall health is crucial for preventing and managing many of these conditions. Having said that, skin peeling inside the mouth is normal, but it can be irritating and uncomfortable at times. The basics is to understand that it can be caused due to several benign factors. Though it is normal and common, in some cases it can be a signal of underlying disease too.

Seek medical attention in case you experience pain and discomfort from this issue. Also, if the issue continues to worsen and concern remains, it too can be a warning sign. Put in practice proper dental hygiene and try to stay hydrated. Also, be mindful of the potential irritants and stay away from them. 


Why is skin peeling off inside my mouth?

Peeling inside the mouth can occur due to various reasons, including irritation from hot food or beverages, a reaction to certain medications, viral infections like hand, foot, and mouth disease, or conditions like oral thrush or lichen planus.

What causes gums to peel?

Gum peeling may result from aggressive brushing, gum disease (gingivitis or periodontitis), hormonal changes, nutritional deficiencies, or allergic reactions to oral care products.

Why does my mouth peel when I use toothpaste?

Toothpaste containing certain chemicals like sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) can irritate and peeling in some individuals. Switching to a toothpaste without SLS might alleviate this issue.

Why is my tongue peeling?

Tongue peeling can be due to several factors, including dehydration, smoking, a reaction to spicy or acidic foods, oral thrush, geographic tongue, or certain medical conditions like Kawasaki disease.

What is the skin inside your mouth called?

The skin inside the mouth is known as the oral mucosa or oral epithelium. It lines the inner cheeks, lips, gums, tongue, and other parts of the oral cavity.


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