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“A women looks beautiful when she feels beautiful” says Makeup Artist Molly R. Stern.

For over 20 years Molly has been a trusted artist and influencer in Hollywood. Known to bring out what is most attractive about each of the women she touches, her light and fresh approach to painting faces has earned her respect and loyalty with both Hollywood’s elite and many of the world’s most renowned fashion photographers.

Molly is considered one of the foremost voices in the beauty industry creating iconic looks with her recognizable style.  Her advice, wisdom and her beauty tips have been published in international beauty magazines including Allure, InStyle, and Elle.  Molly also participates in many online beauty chat forums sharing her tips and tricks as well as actively meeting with beauty bloggers to discuss upcoming trends.Molly’s love affair with makeup began at the age of 16, when she worked after school for prestige Japanese brand Shu Uemura and later held corporate positions with Clinique, M.A.C. and Trish Mc Evoy, gaining beauty experience with ‘real women’, sales and merchandising.

In 1993 she embarked on her freelance career capturing the attention of Hollywood A-listers with her work in high profile advertising and editorials.  By 1998 with her freelance career fully established, Molly moved to NYC to expand her career as well as pursue other creative opportunities.  It was here that Molly began painting, and playing music.  While in New York, she founded the boutique clothing label  m.r.s  based strongly on her signature approach to make-up, which is that every woman has a unique natural beauty and that make-up and clothing should enhance this beauty. 

 m.r.s was revered by both starlets and everyday women alike. Her success with m.r.s. was reflected when one of her couture gowns was shown at the “Goddess” themed Costume Institute Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  The piece now resides in the museum’s permanent collection   From 2006-2010, Molly was hired by Proctor and Gamble to represent  Covergirl Cosmetics as their Celebrity Makeup Artist.In 2005 Molly founded her next role as a woman by becoming a mother.  The passion and importance to encourage self love in her children and educate women about beauty is what drives her everyday. Whether designing, parenting, or applying makeup, Molly’s authenticity, attention to detail, and enthusiasm for women always shines through to reflect her artistry and love filled heart.