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ProstaStream Reviews: My Personal Experience And Results, Does It Work?

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Approximately 12.9 percent of men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer, states the National Institutes of Health (NIH) based on a study report. The report goes on to say that an estimated 3,399,299 men suffer from prostate cancer in the US alone. If this does not raise alarm bells then what else should the health experts ask? There can be many factors contributing to prostate problems and they are well beyond the scope for discussion here.

As a medical reviewer, it was tough to find a prostate health supplement that works in users’ favor. I have been testing ProstaStream, a novel prostate health support supplement for more than a month, and in this ProstaStream Review, I find it more effective than any other formula.

ProstaStream Reviews: I Tried PotentStream For My Prostate Issues – Here’s My Detailed Review

I have used my years of experience in evaluating supplements with my team always by my side to support me in this endeavor. I have gone through heaps of scientific data to confirm the health claims. The supplement facts label has no ingredients that may cause risk to the user’s health.

However, even while acknowledging that it did help them in gaining relief many cannot cope with the reality that it took a delay in offering positive results. I also do not hide the fact that it cannot substitute drugs or medicines prescribed for serious prostate problems. I feel you will learn what to expect after you read this ProstaStream review. So without further deliberations, let us get started.

Supplement NamePotentStream
PurposeSupports prostate health
Ingredients– Nori Yaki Extract Powder
– Wakame Extract (leaf)
– Kelp Powder (leaf)
– Bladderwrack Powder
– Saw Palmetto
– Pomegranate Extract
– Iodine (Potassium Iodine)
– Shilajit – Neem
FormulaNatural formula, non-GMO
DosageOptimally dosed proprietary blend of exotic herbs
PackagingBottles containing 30-day supply
Benefits– Supports prostate health
– Easy to use
– No stimulants
Bonuses– Bonus #1: The Sex Master: Easy Tips To Become an Unforgettable Lover
– Bonus #2: Little-Known, On-Demand Erection Hacks Used by Adult Movie Stars
Pricing Options– 1 Bottle: $69
– 3 Bottles: $177
– 6 Bottles: $294
ShippingFree shipping for all orders
Guarantee60-day money-back guarantee
Official Website Click Here

What Is ProstaStream?

ProstaStream is a prostate support formula that promises to reduce inflammation and relieve urinary problems. The ingredients are a blend of organic and herbal compounds that work synergistically in providing relief. ProstaStream formula is developed in sterile production centers in the US and approved by regulatory agencies.

ProstaStream prostate health supplements come in capsules making it easy to consume in a well-insulated bottle catering to mobility. All adult men who face prostate problems can use the formula without age regulations. There have been no reports of it causing any side effects from anywhere to date. The addition this prostate support formula comes at affordable rates and offers free shipping inside the US on every bulk purchase.  

How Does ProstaStream Supplement Work?

ProstaStream, unlike many other health supplements, does not just work on the peripherals. On the contrary, it works at cellular levels promoting the functionality of all the organs involved. The supplement is well equipped to operate as it is a healthy blend of potent organic and herbal compounds. ProstaStream reduces inflammation and removes the bad actors like free radicals causing them. After this, the damaged cells get repaired and it helps them to revive their activities.

Prostate problems are caused by toxins that decrease the body’s ability to carry on its work. The addition comes loaded with herbs with therapeutic properties that neutralize them and remove them from the system. It helps blood circulation in the penile area relieving the muscles to discharge their functions. The supplement’s use also helps overall health as it is a rich source of nutrients that boost the functioning of all internal organs.

Is ProstaStream Safe?

ProstaStream is made in state-of-the-art production centers in the US approved by the regulatory authorities. The ingredients used are procured directly from pristine farms where it is cultivated organically. The ProstaStream prostate cleanse has had no reports of any side effects to date. However, those with underlying health conditions should take it after expert medical opinion. 

ProstaStream Benefits And Key Features

ProstaStream offers certain health benefits that have to be discussed to have a better understanding. See below for more information.

ProstaStream capsule is blended with healthy extracts of saw palmetto and stinging nettle that help to relieve prostate problems.

The supplement is rich in antioxidants that reduce infections and control inflammation.

ProstaStream helps to relieve blood vessels and promote better blood flow throughout the body.

The formula contains ingredients such as Annona Muricata and Shiitake mushroom which removes constriction and offers better urine flow.

ProstaStream has potent herbal compounds with therapeutic properties that help to prevent infections.

The addition promotes hormonal balance and supports the internal organs function contributing towards overall health.

ProstaStream Ingredient Analysis

When compared to other supplements, the difference I have noticed about ProstaStream natural prostate support comes with a pure blend of natural ingredients. I have analyzed the individual ingredients and found them useful in addressing prostate conditions. I have listed ProstaStream ingredients and their major benefits and have given links to study links for those who wish to learn more. Read through the content below.

ProstaStream Ingredients

Saw Palmetto

Saw Palmetto is a fruit extract with potential prostate health benefits. It is widely used to treat urinary tract problems in men and address prostate gland enlargement problems. The National Institutes of Health observes that Saw Palmetto has untapped potential and further studies should be undertaken. 

Cat’s Claw

Cat’s Claw is a vine that grows in the rainforest of South and Central America. It helps to strengthen the immune system and helps relax smooth muscles. Cat’s Claw also helps to dilate blood vessels and eases blood circulation. 

Plant Sterol Complex

Plant Sterol Complex is a natural substance found in plants similar to cholesterol. It is found to promote healthy lipid levels and deter cancer cells. A detailed overview of Plant Sterols and their main uses has been published in WebMD

Broccoli Leaf

Broccoli leaves grow around the stalks of the broccoli plant. It is a natural compound with anti-inflammatory properties that help to reduce inflammation. Broccoli Leaves also promote hormone balance and offer better eyesight.

Red Raspberry

Red Raspberry is a fruit that is known for its medicinal properties. It provides vital nutrients like potassium for seamless heart function and manganese for better bone health. Poonam Sachdev, MD observes that red raspberries can help prevent stroke and heart disease in her medical review published in WebMD.

Stinging Nettle

Stinging Nettle is a herbaceous perennial plant from the family of Urticaceae. It helps relieve symptoms of reduced urinary flow and bladder issues. Stinging Nettle can also be used to treat painful muscles and joints.

Annona Muricata

Annona Muricata is an evergreen tree found in the tropical regions of America and the Caribbean. Its leaves have been studied for their ability to address pancreatic and prostate problems. Science Direct in one of their journals acknowledges that Annona Muricata reduces inflammation and hints about its potential health benefits.

Maitake Mushroom

Maitake Mushroom grows in fallen timber and aging trees in large clusters. Studies confirm that it helps urine flow and prevents prostate enlargement. Maitake Mushroom also improves gut health and promotes healthy brain functions.

Green Tea

Green Tea leaf extract is a concentration made of dried green tea leaves. Recent scientific discoveries have pointed out that it has positive effects on prostate health and offers protection against prostate cancer. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) points out that the flavonoids in green tea inhibit carcinogenesis and tumor growth. 

Shiitake Mushroom

Shiitake mushroom is found in East Asia and is used in traditional medicines. It has been studied for its ability to reduce inflammation and fight prostate cancer. Shiitake Mushroom also strengthens the immune cells and inhibits tumor growth.  

ProstaStream Dosage And Usage Instructions

ProstaStream comes as easy to use in capsules in a nice BPA-free container. You can use it twice daily with water or as directed by your physician. If you are under medication for some disease, you should consult your doctor before using it.

ProstaStream Supplement Facts

Those who are allergic to soy should not take it. Keep the bottle in a dry place and do not expose the bottle to direct sunlight.

ProstaStream Side Effects

I know that many users are anxious to know whether ProstaStream prostate supplements for men have any side effects. In my investigation, I could not find any media report that says it has caused any negative health issues. However, some users report they had instances of nausea and sleepiness after using it for the first time. Apart from this, no other problems have been reported so far. 

How Long Does It Take ProstaStream To Show The Result?

Although many customers responded that the ProstaStream dietary supplement provided early results, some users reported it took longer. The fact is that the recovery time varies depending on individual health. So it is advised to use the ProstaStream for the whole prescribed period for satisfactory benefits. Normally, results emerge within two weeks after using it.

ProstaStream Customer Reviews And Feedback

I explored many ProstaStream customer reviews on social media. I found a majority of them to be satisfied with the results they have received. However, some did not approve of the results and cited the delay in providing amicable results. It is normal for a natural supplement as it does not have chemicals in its formula to induce fast benefits. 

An Alternative Option For ProstaStream

I had the chance to analyze a similar supplement that offers good results. The supplement comes by the name of Potent Stream. I have compared the main aspects of both these supplements. However, ProstaStream prostate detox still holds its first place. See the table below.

ProstaStream Comparison
ProstaStream Potent Stream
Dietary formCapsuleLiquid solution
IngredientsSaw Palmetto
Plant Sterol Complex
Red Raspberry
Annona Muricata
Nori Yaki Extract
Wakame Kelp Powder
Bladderwrack Powder
Saw Palmetto
Pomegranate ExtractIodine Shilajit
Pricing$69 /per bottle$69 /per bottle
Customer ratings4.54.3
Money back guarantee60 days60 days
AvailabilityOfficial website onlyOfficial website only

ProstaStream Pricing And Availability

I purchased ProstaStream prostate cleanse supplements from its official website and found the transaction very easy. The package reached me within a few days of ordering as expected. The makers have announced discounts for those who buy 3 or 6 bottles.

For all US-based orders, free shipping is also available. Remember that ProstaStream is only available on its official website and cannot be purchased from other sources. I recommend visiting the official website to learn more about the supplement. Check out the pricing list given below.

  • Get 1 x bottle at $69 / per bottle (30-day supply)
  • Get 3 x bottles at $59 / per bottle (90-day supply)
  • Get 6 x bottles at $49 / per bottle (180-day supply)

Pros And Cons Of ProstaStream

I have noticed certain pros and cons for ProstaStream capsules. See below.


  • Formulated using natural ingredients
  • Free of chemicals and GMOs
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Fast delivery options are available
  • Easy-to-use dietary supplement
  • Free US shipping for all purchases


  • Results can vary from person to person 
  • Not available on Amazon

ProstaStream Reviews Final Verdict and Recommendation

In my investigation of the ProstaStream supplement, a comprehensive ProstaStream review reveals it to be a novel dietary supplement aimed at promoting better prostate health. Made with natural ingredients clinically proven to benefit human health, it has shown effectiveness in alleviating prostate issues for men. The supplement comes in easy-to-use capsules packaged in a BPA-free container, ensuring convenience and portability for users.

The ProstaStream supplement has a 60-day money-back guarantee that gives a sense of security. It comes in the same pricing as others in its class with the only difference being that the makers have provided free shipping for all US-based orders. As there have been no reports of any side effects, the addition can be of aid to people who suffer from prostate problems. Anyone who has a more serious condition should prefer advanced medical treatment.

ProstaStream: Natural Prostate Support

ProstaStream is a dietary supplement designed to support prostate health in men. It’s formulated with natural ingredients that are claimed to be clinically proven to benefit human health, targeting issues related to the prostate gland.

– Aiden Borin

Ingredients Quality
Customer Support


Overall, ProstaStream may be a beneficial addition to a prostate health regimen for men experiencing symptoms such as frequent urination or difficulty with urination.



1. Are there Saw Palmetto extracts used in ProstaStream’s formula?

Saw Palmetto extracts are included in ProstaStream’s formula to retain prostate health and receive overall health benefits.

2. Where do the ingredients come from?

All the ingredients are procured from sterile farms in the US.

3. Can I buy ProstaStream from local pharmacies?

ProstaStream is only available on its official website and you cannot purchase it from local pharmacies.

4. What if the supplement did not work in my case?

The supplement has a 60-day money-back guarantee that can be availed if you do not find the result satisfying.

5. How long does it take to deliver ProstaStream?

Normally, it takes 5-7 business days to deliver the package to domestic customers. It can take up to 10-12 days for overseas delivery.


Affiliate Disclosure: Some of the links in this article are affiliate links, which means that if you choose to make a purchase, I will earn a commission. This commission comes at no additional cost to you. I only recommend products that I have personally used and believe will be genuinely helpful or valuable to my readers. Please rest assured that I still provide everything based on an honest, unbiased analysis of the products.

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