Michael Bennett

Dr. Michael Bennett is a board-certified ophthalmologist with over 15 years of experience performing eye surgery and treating diseases of the eye. He completed his ophthalmology residency at the prestigious Bascom Palmer Eye Institute where he served as Chief Resident.



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What Is Orbital Fat Loss

What Is Orbital Fat Loss, Is It Reversible? Explore The Side Effects!

Michael Bennett

Lash serums have become a popular beauty trend, promising lush, longer lashes with consistent use. However, as many people have ...

TheyaVue Reviews: My Personal Experience Using This Amazonian Eye Formula

Michael Bennett

TheyaVue is an eye health supplement that supports vision and wellness. This natural formula works on the underlying cause of ...

Can You Get Pink Eye From A Fart

Can You Get Pink Eye From A Fart? Separating Truth From Myth!

Michael Bennett

I have heard the question asked countless times “Can you get pink eye from a fart?” The answer is no, ...

What Is Commonly Misdiagnosed As Pink Eye

11 Eye Conditions Commonly Misdiagnosed As Pink Eye

Michael Bennett

Pink eye, medically known as conjunctivitis, is a prevalent eye condition that affects millions of people worldwide. Its hallmark symptoms ...

10 Best Foods For Eye Health

10 Foods For Eye Health: Improve Your Vision Naturally!

Michael Bennett

Maintaining good eye health is crucial for clear and comfortable vision throughout our lives. Just like any other organ in ...

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